5 Ways to Share Ben & Jerry's with Strangers

At Ben & Jerry’s, we’re big believers in ‘sharing is caring’ - we’re always looking for new ways to spread the Ben & Jerry’s love… and what better way to spread this love than with a tub of our euphoric ice cream! Especially when you’re gifting it to someone you don’t know! Read on for our top five tactics for sharing a tub from afar!

  1. The Floating Tub

    Up, up and away! This tactic is the ultimate in ‘stranger sharing’, the recipient of this sweet treat remaining forever anonymous.

  2. The Doorstep Drop

    We all recall the days of knocking on our neighbours doors and running away, thinking it was the most daring thing we’d ever done! Well, now you’re all grown up, it’s time to apologise to those aggravated neighbours… and what better way to say sorry than with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s!

  3. Peas & Love

    That almost-finished bag of frozen peas in your work freezer? Give it a new lease of life by replacing the sad little peas with a brand-spanking new tub of delight. All the better if you've no idea who they belong to... that's how strangers become friends!

  4. Cone Together

    Sometimes no grand or ridiculous gestures are required to make someone else's day a little sweeter. Next time you pay a visit to your local scoop shop, pick up an extra cone and pass it on to a total stranger for a movie munchie. Then stick around to chat, or disappear into the distance like the mythical scoop-spreading stranger you are...

  5. The Ice Cream Igloo

    Whether you like it or not, winter's on its way, and that may just mean some snow. Take advantage of nature's freezer and be n-ice to a neighbour by burying a tub in their garden. Just don't be surprised when they tell their boss they're snowed in and head straight back inside to enjoy it.