Give-It-Back Friday

25th November 2016


Today people up and down the UK will be indulging in Black Friday - a day for websites crashing, fisticuffs in shops over TVs and general consumerism gone wild. Doesn't sound like much fun to us! So this Black Friday, we're calling on our fans to join us and resist temptation by saying a big fat no thanks to buying things we've never actually wanted (or needed!). 

So before you buy that half price toaster which you know will end up collecting dust, check out these 5 alternative things you could do today to focus on the more important things in life:

  1. #OptOutside

    Instead of feeling the Black Friday frenzy, why not join thousands of others across the world in taking to the great outdoors. The clever cookies at US outdoor retailer, REI, kicked off the movement last year, by giving their 12,287 employees the day off to celebrate what mother nature gave us, as well as closing all of their stores! Our pals at The Ramblers have put together this handy website to help you find local walks in your area.

  2. Start a Reverse Advent Calendar

    We all know the gift of giving is far better than that of getting, so this year why not start a reverse advent calendar? Each day, fill a box with an item of food or clothing that can then be taken to the food bank or a charity shop come Christmas. Check out how to make yours here.

  3. Pay It Forward

    As the cold weather closes in, a hot cup of coffee never tasted so good. So next time you pop in for your caffeine fix, why not spread the joy? Suspended Coffees is an awesome website that lists cafes across the country where you can pay for an extra cup for someone who needs it. And if you’re not nearby one, you could pass on the cheer by buying a hot drink for someone sleeping out in the cold, or taking half your batch of winter baked goodies round to a neighbour. 


  4. Take Part in Buy Nothing Day

    Buy Nothing Day is all about challenging yourself, your friends and family to switch off from shopping and tune into life. Rather than hitting the shops, why not bake a cake, go for a cycle, or read a new book? And, if you really need to shop, say no to the big retailers and hit up your local independent shops instead.

  5. Catch Up With a Loved One

    Over in the US, Black Friday follows Thanksgiving – a day spent with family and friends, catching up over a good old homecooked meal. But here in the UK, we have Black Friday without all the family fun! So this year, make the effort to pick up the phone or catch up over a ‘cuppa with a loved one. 

Are you doing something other than shopping this Black Friday? If so, let us know by tweeting us @benandjerrysUK