Europe's Greenest Cities!

16 June, 2016


Here at Ben & Jerry’s, climate change is an issue close to our hearts. It’s a scary thought to think about just how rapidly our world is warming up, and climate change isn’t always the most cheery topic… But it’s not all doom and gloom! Cities all over Europe are battling for a greener future, so we’ve put together a list of our favourite to inspire you!

Sustainable Cities

According to the Sustainable Cities Index, Frankfurt is the most sustainable city in the world! And, guess what… London takes second place! In fact, a whopping seven of the top ten cities on the index are in Europe - go us!

Cycling Cities

Copenhagen, takes the award for the most bike-friendly city. The city’s infrastructure has been designed so that it’s perfect for getting from A to B on a bicycle and, as almost half of the population cycle daily, the city has one of the lowest car ownership rates in Europe.

Another city championing two-wheeled travelling is Amsterdam, where ‘everyone’ cycles. It’s not only the easiest way to get around, but also a great way to take in the sights of this beautiful city.


Car Free Cities

Last year, poor air quality became such a big problem in the streets of Paris that the city implemented a car-free day. And they aren’t alone in banning cars to clean the air… With Oslo planning on going car-free by implementing a ban on private cars in the central district, and Madrid creating zones where only residents can drive, it looks set that several European cities are heading in a similar direction!

Waste Management

Each year, in Europe alone, 16 tonnes of material passes through every individual's hands – with a whopping six tonnes of this becoming waste. Proper waste management is crucial, not only to drive innovation in recycling, but also to limit landfill sites, and, most importantly, reduce waste created by consumers. Austria, Belgium, Germany, and Sweden all perform well on waste disposal - only 5% of their waste ends up in a landfill site.

Ljubljana, Tallinn and Helsinki have been also praised for their great efforts in waste collection. Separate rubbish disposal plays a significant role in sustainability - it increases recycling rates, reduces waste sent for disposal, and moves Europe closer to zero waste!

Europe, we salute you!