On 4 July, millions of people all across the UK will go to the polls and shape the future of the UK.

Why does this election matter?

Let’s be honest, we know so many of us feel disengaged and demotivated right now but this could be the General Election at which the most is at stake for decades. It's a pretty big opportunity for your voice to be heard. We need to show up, in fact we need ALL of us to show up. Don't let someone else make these decisions for you. GET OUT AND VOTE!

What’s on the Ballot in 2024?

The climate’s in crisis, the cost of living is making life incredibly expensive, and there are wars close to our borders. Political decisions determine your life, your education, your housing, your health, the future you want to see. In other words, General Elections are huge!

Here are some of the issues at stake this year:

  • Fighting climate change 
  • Supporting public healthcare
  • Creating more affordable housing
  • Providing better job opportunities
  • Giving equal rights for all
  • Improving access to education
  • Vote for what matters to YOU!

Let’s Rise Up and Speak Out!

How do we make sure our future leaders know where we stand on these and so many other issues? By raising our voices and voting! 

Together, let's show up for democracy!

Are you fired up and ready to vote? Great! Pledge to vote now.

Make a Plan to Get Out & Vote

Here's what to check ahead of polling day (get comfortable, we have a lot of info to share):

  1. Are you eligible to vote? You can check here - Home - Can I Vote?
  2. Are you registered to vote? You have until 18 June. 
  3. Not able to get to a polling station on 4 July? Apply for a postal vote - GOV.UK (until 19 June) or a Apply for a proxy vote - GOV.UK (until 26 June). 
  4. Got valid photo ID? You need it to vote! If not, apply for a Voter Authority Certificate here (until June 26) -  Apply for photo ID to vote (called a ‘Voter Authority Certificate’) - GOV.UK .

You stayed with us 'til the very last sentence, we're your biggest fans! Now all you have to do is wait to receive your polling card (by snail mail), which will have all the info you need on it and don't forget to bring your photo ID on polling day.