Flavour Gurus

Our Flavour Gurus boldly go where no ice cream makers have gone before. From potato chips to passion fruit, no ingredient goes unconsidered for the next irresistible, completely unexpected Ben & Jerry’s flavour.

Ingredients in bowls on a table

Flavour Gurus are architects of euphoria. Designers of dessert destinies. Masters of the munchies. Every chunk and swirl has a story, and Flavour Gurus are the authors. They’re mad scientists, foodie chefs, and everything in between. When they’re not churning up new and exciting flavours to delight our fans, they’re exploring the newest food trends and pondering ice cream’s tastiest conundrums — like how to get even more chunks into every bite.

How A Dream Becomes a Pint

How do the Flavour Gurus take a delicious idea and churn it into a taste bud-pleasing ice cream flavour that fans flock to? We’re glad you asked.

There are a lot of routes to the great state of ice cream perfection. The Flavour Gurus may start with an idea for a flavour profile — like making an ice cream version of one of their favourite desserts (think: Cookie Dough and Chocolate Fudge Brownie) — and work backwards to ice cream-ify it. The trick here is to deliver the experience of the original dessert, from flavour to texture and even smell, all elevated to ice cream deliciosity.

Or they may start with an ice cream base flavour they know fans love — like chocolate or sweet cream — and then mix in the most exciting chunks and swirls they can dream up. For Netflix & Chilll’d for example, they started with peanut butter ice cream — off to a good start — and then added pretzels and fudge brownies for a soft and crunchy, sweet and salty flavour that keeps you on your toes with every bite.

And sometimes the Flavour Gurus wake in the middle of the night, startled by the intensity of an idea that’s so innovative — so boldly outside the box — that the world might not be ready for it. And that’s when we get completely new creations like Sundaes or Non-Dairy pints. Their genius knows no bounds, and we thank them for their service to dessert decadence every day. We raise a spoon to you, Flavour Gurus!

Think you have an idea for the next great Ben & Jerry’s flavour? We want to hear about it!