Flavour Graveyard’s Most Missed Flavours

vsjo dostala-3.pngWe’ve made a lot of euphoric flavours over the years, but, for better or worse, some of them have moved on to the great waffle cone in the sky. Tears of sadness are shed for our dearly de-pinted flavours, and we receive several thousand requests each year from our fans begging us to rein-cone-ate their favourite fallen flavour. Here are the most mourned of the bunch…and who knows? One of them may rise from the graveyard once again!



Coconutterly Fair

Chocolate Ice Cream with Coconut Caramel Swirls & a Chocolatey Covered Coconut Caramel Crunch

Full-Time Flavour 2011-2012

Chocolate and coconut

Fairtrade, we must add.

A taste sensation, we'd hoped

But it's gone now, so sad.


Chocolate Macadamia

Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Creams with Chocolatey Covered Macadamia Nuts

Special Flavour 2010

Nuts about chocolate

Chocolate about nuts

Swirled vanilla with chocolate

Maybe too much?


Cow Power

Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookie Pieces, Dark Chocolatey Cows & a Chocolate Fudge Swirl 


Cow welfare we felt,

Deserved it's own flavour.

Just a limited batch though,

So a taste memory to savour.

Oh My! Apple Pie! gravestone

Oh My! Apple Pie!

Apple Pie Ice Cream with Pieces of Apple & Chunks of Rich Pie Crust

Full-Time Flavour 2006-2008

Although we loved saying

"Oh my! Apple pie!"

Twas deemed not appley enough,

And was never the apple of your eye.

Dublin Mudslide gravestone

Dublin Mudslide

Irish Cream Liqeur Ice Cream with Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies & a Coffee Fudge Swirl

Full-Time Flavour 2005-2007

The bottle is empty,

The cup & the glass.

Mud with Irish cream

Was not meant to last.

Vanilla Toffee Crunch gravestone

Vanilla Toffee Crunch

Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolatey Covered Toffee Crunch


 With aching heart & heavy sigh

We bid this crunch creation goodbye

That nutty brittly, so chunky in places

Got all sticky between our braces.