There’s only one thing on earth that we love more than ice cream, and that’s you, our fans. So if you’re a veteran chunk-lover who has been downing pints for decades, or even just a rookie in the scoop game, we tip our hats and spoons to you.

Just for the record, we believe that all ice cream lovers are created equal. But occasionally we spot a rare and special breed of Ben & Jerry’s fan. These folks go to such amazing lengths to express their pint passion that even we can’t believe it, and their stories put a Cherry Garcia-hued blush on our cheeks.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Ben & Jerry’s Super Fans!:

As you can tell, these Super Fans really take it to a whole new level. On behalf of everyone at Ben & Jerry’s, we want to shout out a huge THANK YOU to Kathy, Sheila, Josh, The Bauers, and everyone who supports their pint-loving shenanigans. Never stop scooping!