Protect Your ‘Wich

04 May, 2017

Our most cookie-tastic creation yet, the ‘Wich, is no spoon-and-tub situation. It’s a handheld miracle of modern snacking, featuring Cookie Dough or Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream sandwiched between two deliciously chewy cookies. It’s a head-turner to say the least, but for serious ‘Wich fanatics, the question arises of how to protect your precious treat. Lucky for you, we developed the following six techniques to thwart would-be sneaky snackers...

  1. Frozen Knuckle Sand‘Wich

    The beauty of the ‘Wich is you can eat it one-handed. No spoon needed…just place in hand, move towards mouth, and enjoy. This leaves you with one free hand for karate chopping anyone who enters your cookie-sphere.

  2. The Freezer Fake-Out

    Friends can’t eat what they can’t find. Hide your ‘Wich by tucking it away inside a bag of frozen peas. Nobody in their right mind would dare look in there when an ice cream craving kicks in.

  3. The Ice Cream Headache

    Turn your stereo up to full volume blasting "Axel F" by Crazy Frog. This move is sure to repel anyone within a kilometer radius. Be careful though, ear protection is strongly encouraged or you could do permanent damage.

  4. The Iceberg

    Nothing slows a thief down quite like encasing your ‘Wich in a block of ice. Just fill a container with water, add your ‘Wich, throw it in the freezer, and Voila! Your ‘Wich is now safely sealed in 10 kg of pure stopping power. Only problem is now you can’t get it either! Oops.

  5. The Ol' One-Two Punch

    They say the best defense is good offense, and the reality of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is that it truly is best shared with friends. Therefore, the best tactic is to always get your ‘Wich in pairs. One for you, one for a friend. Everyone wins!

Have an idea to add to our list? Let us know ‘Wich way you play defense by tweeting us @benandjerrysUK.