The Great Ben & Jerry's Bake On

24th October 2016

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, one thing's for sure; things are hotting up in the kitchen, and 'baking' is the real hot topic right now. If you know Ben & Jerry's, then you're sure to know that we're all about the sweet treats, and we know the science behind eating ice cream in the cooler months (remember POPDBZWE!?), so we're balancing out some great bakes with our cool scoops - check out four of our perfect pairings below:

  1. The Chewy One

    If you haven't tried it yet, Sofa So Good is one of our newest creations - combining caramel ice cream with chunks of chewy chocolate brownie, cookies, and a salted caramel swirl, this is a sweet treat you don't want to miss! Without getting too technical, those caramel notes in the chewy flapjacks perfectly compliment the creamy caramel ice cream and slightly salted swirl - and who's to turn down the chance to enjoy cookies, brownies and flapjacks in one cool combo!

  2. The Guilt-Free(ish!) One

    If it’s something a little lighter you’re after, why not combine a scoop of our Greek Style Frozen Yoghurt with a fruit-filled granola square - a permissible treat, and one of your five (scoops) a day*

    *Our lawyers told us to say we're not endorsing the eating of five scoops a day

  3. The "Once it's Scone, it's Gone!" One

    Afternoon tea is a British classic that's hard to beat, but at Ben & Jerry's we're pretty sure anything can be topped with a scoop of our euphoric ice cream. Pairing one classic with another, whichever way you pronounce it, grab a scone and top it with a scoop of our long standing fan flavourite, Cookie Dough, for a double-dose of dough-y goodness. (Your Grandma can thank us later!)

  4. The Sociable One

    Catch up with a pal over a coffee and a cake, the Ben & Jerry's way! All you'll need for this tastebud-tingling creation is a slice of your favourite chocolate fudge cake and two shots (sorry... scoops) of our new coffee concoction, One Sweet World. That coffee buzz never tasted so sweet!