5 Books on Stuff We Care About!

At Ben & Jerry’s, we’re passionate about a lot of issues; climate change and social inclusion to name just two! These can be pretty weighty topics, and it’s sometimes hard to get your head around something when you don’t know where to start! So our team at The Barn (aka Ben & Jerry’s HQ) have shared their top 5 suggestions on great books about things we love!

  1. Change the World, 9 to 5

    'A fantastic little read for those who don’t have enough time on their hands for a chunky book. Each page reveals a little way to make a difference in the world, from supporting your local newsagent to starting a carpool. It even contains a sheet of gold stars for rewarding yourself when you’ve completed an action… what more could you want?!'
    - Holly, aka Swirl Girl

  2. Let My People Go Surfing

    ‘This book tells the story of a young entrepreneur who turned his passions into one of the most successful and environmentally friendly corporations in the world… it’s truly inspirational, and I now believe that business can be more than money-making machines. I read the book cover to cover in 2 days flat!’
    - Sofie, aka Dairy Berry

  3. Follow the Money

    ‘This book is awesome! Readers follow a journalist who tracks a $10 note around America for a month – there’s never been a better insight into just how interconnected we are through the changing hands of cash. It shows just how amazing people are all over the world too!’
    - Ed, aka Scoopy Doo

  4. The Spirit Level

    ‘After a recommendation from a friend, I was glued to this book! If you want to know more about the inequality in our world, the problems it creates and how, ultimately, equality will benefit the rich as well as the poor, then I couldn’t recommend this book more!’
    - Chris Gale, aka the Cone-Queror 

  5. This Changes Everything

    ‘The best book I've read this year - I couldn't put it down! It provides both a personal and accessible view of grassroots struggles to combat climate change and is a rousing call to action and activism!’
    - Lukasz, aka Wookie-Cookie

So if you’re thinking about what to read next, why not consider one of these – perfect whilst curled up on the sofa with a tub of Cookie Dough!