Let's Breathe Life into our Planet for a Healthier Future!

18 July, 2016


It's not exactly breaking news that climate change is causing global warming, and we all know by now that as temperatures rise, so do the consequences. But, despite many countries having been slow to act, last December more than 190 nations forged an agreement to fight climate change and end the fossil-fuel era once and for all!

Now, let's not get ahead of ourselves... there's still a steep hill to climb. In the words of Dr Hakima El Haite (Morocco's Minister of Environment): 'Our human dignity and health is our most important capital, and both are at high risk from climate change.'

How Are Climate and Health Connected?

Global warming not only effects the quality of our air, but also of our water and food - the top three requirements for a healthy life! What's more, the link between climate change and health is even greater poorer and more vulnerable communities, in particular for children, women, and the elderly.

Considering the above, it's sometimes hard to see a light at the end of the global warming tunnel. But, at Ben & Jerry's, we're tub-half-full kinda guys! So let's come together to take action on climate change, and help better the health of our world sooner rather than later!

Let's Clean the Air!

Dirty fossil fuel combustion doesn't just damage our atmosphere - it effects the air we breathe too. From vehicle exhausts to power plants, air pollution is causing all sorts of illnesses. Clean air is vital for a healthy heart and lungs, so it's important that we start to move away from dirty fossil fuels and towards cleaner and renewable sources in order to protect public health.

The Biggest Offender


Road transport contributes to a whopping one-fifth of all CO2 emissions in Europe! This realisation has led to many cities moving away from motorised vehicles towards more sustainable alternatives. For example Paris, who have banned old cars from the city centre and are investing in a brand new bicycle highway. Elsewhere, in London, the Mayor is currently proposing both an extra charge for the most polluting vehicles, and the expansion of the city's Ultra-Low Emission Zones. Switching to renewable energy sources, or choosing to cycle rather than drive, will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also benefit both our planet and our health. Check out how your city ranks on air pollution HERE.

If you want to find out more about air pollution and how you can breathe life back into your city, check out WHO's Breathe Life campaign and sign up for updates here.