Theresa May Just Made Her First Big Climate Change Commitment, But Will She Walk the Walk?

September 26, 2016

Tricky Decisions

At Ben & Jerry's, we know a thing or two about tricky decisions. Which flavour of ice cream will it be today? Half Baked or Cookie Dough? S'Wich Up or One Love? Some tricky decision are only difficult on the face of it however, and the decision on whether or not to try and save our planet from catostrophic global warming is a no brainer.

However, up until now Theresa May seemed to think otherwise, with little movement when it's come to ratifying the Paris Climate Agreement. Even with some of the globe's largest carbon emitters having already done so - such as the US and China who ratified together in solidarity - the UK was, until recently, a black sheep in the developed global landscape.

Ben & Jerry's - Climate Change Commitment

The Maiden Speech

But last week that all changed when Theresa May took the stage at her first UN speech in New York City. Green groups across the world were thrilled to hear her state the UK would play its "part in the international effort again climate change", and that "in a demonstration of our commitment to the agreement reached in Paris, the UK will start its domestic procedures to enable ratification of the Paris agreement and complete these before the end of the year."

Wondering what all of that means? Well, in a nutshell, May and the UK are committed to delivering on their promise made in Paris last year, and will keep up the fight against climate change. And, having petitioned, marched, and ultimately cheered alongside thousands of citizens in Paris in 2015, we're pretty stoked with the decision.

Ben & Jerry's - Climate Change Commitment

The Road to Marrakech

Words may be helpful, but actions are the important part. Like a tub with no spoon, May’s commitment won’t mean much if it isn’t backed up by a robust implementation of strong carbon reduction plan for the UK.

And with not only native fracking, but fracked gas soon to be imported from the US, as well as new nuclear power, and the firing up of new fossil fuel burning power plants – the UK isn’t walking the walk. Therefore it's more important than ever that we hold leaders accountable to not only seal the deal on the Paris Agreement before the end of 2016, but also go to the table in Marrakech, the site of the next UN Climate Summit, and deliver an agenda supported by their citizens!


Join the Climate Movement!

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