Cookie Dough's Family Just Got Bigger!

It’s no secret that Cookie Dough is our long-standing fan-flavourite – its legendary combination of creamy vanilla ice cream and chewy cookie dough chunks is hard to beat… or so we thought. After some serious head scratching, we realised that the only way to top Cookie Dough, was to bottom it! Say hello to our all new Wich Family, Cookie Dough’s…well…cookier, cousins! 

01 March, 2016


The Cookie Dough 'Wich

Your freezer may not be able to hold anymore, but now your hands can. For Cookie Dough lovers on the move, meet the handheld ‘Wich; our latest ice cream innovation that’s sure to satisfy your cookiest cravings. 


The Son of a 'Wich

Like to consider yourself a social butterfly? Then we’ve got just the thing for you: Son of a ‘Wich! These little treats were made for sharing, so grab a box and make sure none of you miss out on the ice-cream action!


The 'Wich Multipack

…and if those little guys won’t satisfy your ice cream appetite, then grab a Cookie Dough ‘Wich multipack. Again, sharing is caring, but we won’t tell anyone if you end up keeping all three to yourself!


The S'Wich Up Tub

Missing the tub and spoon thing? Well fear not; your Cookie Dough obsession can continue in its tub form. Say hello to S’Wich Up, our latest concoction combining cookie dough chunks, vanilla ice cream, a chocolatey cookie swirl and chocolate cookie sandwich pieces!


The Chocolate Fudge Brownie 'Wich

As much as we (clearly!) love Cookie Dough, we couldn’t let it have all the limelight - after all, who could forget our second most -loved flavour, Chocolate Fudge Brownie! Think Cookie Dough ‘Wich took a chocolatey turn with a fudge-y brownie twist…