Five Of The World's Coolest Cycle Lanes

2nd October, 2016


Cycling has become wheely, ahem, popular in recent years, with more than two million people cycling at least once a week in the UK. In London, bikes make up a quarter of all vehicles in the morning rush hour, and in Cambridge, 29% of people commute to work on two wheels!

But despite these impressive numbers, the rest of Europe is streets ahead of the UK when it comes to cycling. 43% of people in the Netherlands cycle daily, as do 30% of Danish people and 29% of Fins. Pretty impressive huh?

So why are these number so high? Well, one thing that really helps are their excellent cycle paths. Whilst it's true that things have definitely been improving on the cycle path front in Britain (protected or segregated bike lanes are becomming more and more common), there are some pretty cool examples of even swisher bike lanes out there. Here are five of our favourites.

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