Join Us On Tour & Make Your Own 'Wich

07 July, 2016


Two Ways to Enjoy Ben & Jerry's On Tour This Summer

Each Summer, we cruise around London in our iconic VW van, handing out scoops of our most euphoric, creamy creations to our awesome fans. And this year, we're taking our annual ice cream extravaganza that one step further... Read on to find out more.


1. Customise Your 'Wich


Ever fancied yourself as a Flavour Guru? Well, this year, we're giving you the chance to do just that! That's right, for the first stage of our 5 week tour, we're handing over the flavour-reigns to our fans, giving you the chance to concoct your very own 'Wich as our annual tour hits the road in London!

Pick and mix from four of our finest flavours and three of social enterprise, Luminary Bakery's, coolest cookies to create your perfect pairing. And the fun doesn't stop there... to top it all off, there will be four taste-tastic sprinkles and toppings on offer too! Fancy having a go? Click here to find out where and when to join us.


2. Free Ice Cream


Join us for Free ice cream, as our second stage of the tour delivers exactly that! We'll be giving out free scoops of our all-new flavour, S'Wich Up, under sun-kissed skies (hopefully). Our iconic VW camper will be stocked up and cruising around London from mid-July, so don't miss your chance to grab a taste of the action!

We won't be releasing the exact locations and timings of our tour stops until the very last minute, so be sure to follow @benandjerrysUK on Twitter for all the latest updates!

See you on tour!