Democracy is Failing Young People!

05 April, 2016


Here at Ben & Jerry’s we’ve launched a campaign with our friends at HOPE not hate to ensure Londoners aren’t frozen out of our democracy. Recently there have been some big changes to UK electoral laws, meaning that many young people in London (and across the country!) are at a greater risk of being Frozen Out!

Individual Electoral Registration (IER)

Last June, the government changed the way that citizens register to vote. Previously, the ‘head of the household’ would register all those living under their roof and universities would register all new students. However, changes now mean that it’s up to each individual to register for themselves in order to be able to vote in local, national and European elections.

Sounds like a sensible idea right? In some ways yes, it is. However for some groups, these changes will have major negative effects, effects especially true for young people.

Twice Frozen Out

Not only will young people no longer be registered by their parents at home, they will also no longer be registered at university (if they choose to go). If we take a look at the number of young people on the electoral register, it’s clear to see that this change in law has already had a negative effect. For example, in London, there are 35% less 16 and 17 year olds on the electoral register than in 2014!! That’s a whopping third less!

And across the capital, some of these figures only get worse… In Hackney there are 70% less young people on the register now compared to figures in 2014. And in Enfield this figure is 63%, in Waltham Forest 51% and in Lambeth 43%!

Take a Stand For Our Democracy!

We need a democracy where all voices are heard, one where we can all have an equal say over the decisions that affect our capital. Right now we are seeing thousands of young people being frozen out… Will you take a stand for our democracy? Here’s how you can help:

1) Register to vote today - visit to get signed up

2) Share this blog post with your friends and family and make sure they register to vote (especially those younger members aged 16+)

3) Sign up and receive updates from our campaign below!

Democracy only works when it works for everyone!