Wake Up to a Fairtrade Breakfast!

03 March, 2016


This week sees the launch of Fairtrade Fortnight, which this year highlights the impact we can all make by choosing Fairtrade ingredients when kicking off our day!

Millions of farmers and workers in developing countries work hard each and every day to grow the food we eat, yet many don’t earn enough to know where their next meal is going to come from... but you have the power to change this! Make your breakfast count with Fairtrade!

Sit Down for Breakfast, Stand Up for Farmers

There are 795 million undernourished people living on our planet and it’s estimated that half of these people live on small farms... so supporting a movement that empowers smallholder farmers will in turn help tackle the issue of food security.

By sitting down for a Fairtrade breakfast in the next two weeks, you can stand up for farmers all over the world. Research shows that some smallholder farmers who are part of the Fairtrade scheme, reported earning around a third more than they did before. This means they can now afford more of the important things, such as food, medical bills and sending their children to school.


What Can You Do?

We’re calling on our fans to host their own Fairtrade breakfast! (It doesn’t need to be in the morning… if you have breakfast at 3pm, we won't judge!)

Here’s your chance to get creative with Fairtrade products… so spread that Fairtrade peanut butter, slice up a Fairtrade banana and get brewing your favourite Fairtrade tea!

Where to Start...

  1. Organise your own breakfast! There are lots of useful tips in the Fairtrade guide here.
  2. Inspire your friends, family and colleagues to host a breakfast! Why not share pictures of your breakfast online or pass on tips for tasty recipes?
  3. Register your breakfast on Fairtrade’s Big Breakfast Totaliser, and have your voice heard!

Why Should You Support the Fairtrade Movement?

Fairtrade is a global movement which ensures that small-scale farmers in developing countries can compete and thrive in the global economy.

At Ben & Jerry’s we’ve always believed everyone deserves a fair share of the pie, so we make sure the farmers who supply some of our most important ingredients (like vanilla, cocoa, banana, coffee and sugar) are getting a fair deal by sourcing only Fairtrade certified products! 

When you buy Fairtrade certified products, you can be confident that the farmers who produced the ingredients received a fair price for their harvest. In return, Fairtrade farmers agree to use environmentally sound practices, implement fair working standards, and invest in their communities. Fairtrade is a great model that’s helping to ensure the global economy is serving people - not the other way around!