Top 8 Etsy Gifts for Your Ice-Cream-Loving Dad

June 12, 2016

Listen up, everybody who wants to celebrate their dad: Father’s Day is coming soon, really soon. You probably already have a gift picked out, though, yes? Probably even have it wrapped, all set up with a heartfelt, handwritten card, probably.

What’s that? You completely forgot that Father’s Day was June 19? It’s OK, don’t worry. We know your dad loves ice cream, and we know exactly where to find uniquely awesome gifts that he will love.

Artisanal for the People

Etsy was founded in a New York apartment just over a decade ago. And now, even though they have 1.6 million active sellers, Etsy still holds to its crafty, artisanal roots and community-driven mission. Even better, they’re a B Corp like us! They want to make the world “more fair, more connected, and more fun.” We love the sound of that.

Be warned, though: there are more than 35 million uniquely interesting items for sale on their site. To make it easier on you, we put together a list of 8 beautifully ice-cream-happy gifts for the best dad in the world (yours).

  1. Hand-Stamped Vintage Spoon

    If you give this personalised spoon as gift to your dad, just be prepared to hear him ask, “Who took my spoon?” every day for the rest of your life. Because everyone’s going to want to use it. 

  2. Vintage Metal Sign

    When he hangs this vintage sign in the kitchen, Dad can show everyone that he was a fan of ice cream back before it was cool. (See what we did there?)

  3. Ice Cream Sandwich Phone Case

    Is there a dad anywhere who wouldn’t want to pretend to make a call on an ice cream sandwich? All the time? Until everyone but him got sick of the joke?

  4. Ice Cream Cone Cufflinks

    Wearing these cufflinks will be the least-embarrassing way Dad has ever shown up at a fancy business meeting with ice cream on his shirt.

  5. Bowtie

    This is one of those gifts whose shear awesomeness defies description. If the question is, “Two-headed ice cream cone unicorn on a bowtie?” Then the answer is—on Father’s Day and every other day—YES!

  6. Embroidered Baseball Cap

    Sometimes Dad just wants to kick back and toss the ball around with his favorite kids. This hat keeps the sun out of his eyes and the ice cream on his brain.

  7. Personalised Ice Cream Bowl

    Let’s see, he’s got the scoop, he’s got the spoon. All he needs is a personalised bowl. This is your day, Dad. Enjoy it!

  8. Father’s Day Card

    If you get Dad anything from this list, he’ll be psyched. But, whatever you do, don’t forget a card!

But let’s face it, what Dad really wants for Father's Day is to spend some time with you. So why not take him out to your local Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop and buy him a round of whatever he’s having. That’s the kind of thing that this day is really all about.