Meet the Flavour Guru Behind our Latest Concoction; One Sweet World!

21st November, 2016


The minds of our flavour gurus are weird and wonderful places, and we wanted to delve a little deeper into what inspired our UK Flavour Guru, Andrea, to whip up our latest concoction, One Sweet World. A truly euphoric creation, this tub packs in Fairtrade coffee and caramel ice creams, marshmallow and caramel swirls, and chunky chocolate ampersands. This may be one of our sweetest concoctions yet, but it's the story under the lid that makes this little tub so special. Let's dig in...

Where It All Began

A true globe-trotter, Andrea has lived all over the world. She's now settled in London, however she's always on the go, travelling around the world in search of inspiration for new flavours.

I love to travel around the world, try out new things, and discover new and exciting flavours. Of course, the cultural differences are a challenge and you have to adapt to new situations, but you learn a massive amount along the way, and it's incredibly fun!

Andrea, UK Flavour Guru

That Coffee Buzz

All of our flavours are pretty euphoric (even if we do say so ourselves!), but there's another reason why One Sweet World is so special; it's Europe's first ever Faitrade coffee flavour!

Coffee is a flavour so many people enjoy every single day and it's often associated with a catch-up over a hot cup. So what better a flavour to claim the name of our latest campaign, than one that symbolises the act of coming together?

Andrea, UK Flavour Guru

The mighty little beans packed into this tub come from Fairtrade cooperatives around the world doing their bit to help farmers get a fair slice of the pie. The majority of the coffee making your tastebuds tingle in this tub come from the Huatulco Coffee Cooperative in Mexico, with the Fairtrade social premium having enabled the community to build schools, a library and a medical centre, as well as developing scholarships and education projects. Pretty awesome huh?


Let's Talks About Those Swirls

What's better than one Ben & Jerry's swirl? Two Ben & Jerry's swirls of course! One Sweet World is all about coming together, and, with that in mind, we lovingly churned together delicious caramel and ooey gooey marshmallow. And why did we go for two? Well, Andrea likes to think that mixing up these euphoric swirls only goes to back up our belief that the world's a little sweeter when all flavours unite.

Chunks Aplenty

Our flavour gurus know better than anyone that a tub isn't complete without chunks to dig for. For this flavour, Andrea took inspiration from the '&' in our very own name, a symbol she believes represents togetherness and unity! Plus, these little chunks are made of delicious Fairtrade chocolate - perfect for those who like their treats to taste good and do good too.

Meet Our Partners...

We think you'll agree there's some pretty sweet stuff going on under this lid, but this tub doesn't stop there. The One Sweet World flavour also helps fund local projects from our partner, HOPE not hate. By supporting initiatives that promote social inclusion, this charity works towards our shared values of peace and love.

If you'd like to find out more about our One Sweet World campaign, click here. And if you've already scooped up a tub of this euphoric flavour, let us know what you liked about it in the comments below!