5 Things We Bet You Didn't Know About Our Founders

You’ve probably heard some of the stories about our co-founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, but we bet you haven’t heard all of them! Here are five fun facts to add to what you know about the weird and the wonderful world of Ben and Jerry…

  1. Jerry typically stands to Ben's left when they are photographed, making it easier to tell the duo apart!

  2. Ever wondered why our ice cream is the chunkiest in town? Well, aside from the fact that we love our chunks, Ben suffers from anosmia (a lack of taste), so he relies mostly on “mouth feel” and texture, meaning he championed throwing in big chunks…the bigger the better, in fact!!

  3. Snowy Vermont may not seem like the obvious choice for setting up an ice cream business...and you'd be right; at first it didn’t seem like the finest choice but, with promotions like POPCDBZWE (penny off per celcius degree below zero winter extravaganza) they were drawing in the crowds soon enough, and haven't looked back since!

  4. The pair started up their very own foundation in 1985 and it's still going to this day! Each year we donate 7.5% of our annual pre-tax profits to support grassroots organisations who are doing good in their communities!

  5. Ben and Jerry almost went into the bagel business; they had a name lined up and everything: UBS (United Bagel Service), but when they saw how expensive the bagel equipment was, they bought an ice cream machine instead! Just as well, or the dough in your Cookie Dough might not be so sweet...