Frozen Throwbacks #1

At Ben & Jerry's we're a nostaglic bunch, especially where ice cream's concerned. From sharing a tub with your best friend on movie night, to fighting over the last scoop with your sibling, our tubs have been there throughout. And here at our HQ (aka The Barn), we all have a fond Ben & Jerry's moment to share: check them out, and see if they bring about any frozen flashbacks.

  1. Timtendo

    When I was younger, my brother Tim and I would spend many an hour gaming... these were also the times that we would devour a tub of Chocolate Fudge Brownie, whilst not taking our eyes off the screen. My brother's obsession with gaming actually got quite worrying at one point — he even tried to change his name to Timtendo! But that's another story...

    Anyway, I'll always look back fondly at our times sat side-by-side on the floor, playing video games and sending one another into fits of hysterics. Good times!

    - Matt, Digital Whizz

  2. Ice Cream Intervention

    My sister went to University in the early 90's and became obsessed with Ben & Jerry's after her friend, Sue, bought her a tie dye Ben & Jerry's t-shirt from America. She wore it everywhere, and I mean everywhere — to bed, to the supermarket, to her lectures... When we caught her wearing it on a night out we knew it was time to say something — you could call it an ice-cream intervention!

    - Ed, Social Mission Star

  3. Subbuteo

    After school and at the weekends, for what felt like years, my friends and I would play mini Subbuteo tournaments. We each had a little box with our teams neatly packed away, and we carried these back and forth to one another's houses.

    Over time, the tiny player turnouts would dwindle as they suffered broken limbs or were flicked into oblivion — I even remember rescuing one of mine from the depths of a tub of Peanut Butter Cup, inadvertently frozen from a previous fixture. But a quick run under the tap and he was quickly back in the starting eleven!

    - Will, Design Whizz

  4. Fluro-Phase

    I had a fluorescent phase. Everything I wore had to be fluorescent and my friends thought I was weird. One good thing: my twin sister didn't, and we made sure that this phase of our lives got our full commitment. 

    How does this relate to ice cream? Well, it doesn't, apart from my Half Baked phase which came shortly afterwards and it feels good to get the fluorescent thing off of my chest.

    - Kerry, PR Superstar


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