Frozen Throwbacks #2

At Ben & Jerry's we're a nostaglic bunch, especially where ice cream's concerned. From sharing a tub with your best friend on movie night, to fighting over the last scoop with your sibling, our tubs have been there throughout. And here at our HQ (aka The Barn), we all have a fond Ben & Jerry's moment to share: check them out, and see if they bring about any frozen flashbacks.

  1. Make Believe

    When we were younger, my sister and I loved to make up our own games. Our favourite by far was hairdressers, and we'd sit for hours in our bedroom chopping at our dolls hair, whilst sharing a tub of Ben & Jerry's and dreaming of opening our own salon.

    Luckily, neither of us are hairdressers now, however we do still share the odd tub of Phish Food from time to time. 

    - Holly, Social Media Superstar

  2. 50/50

    Ben & Jerry's was always the perfect 'with a movie' treat for me, but if I was sharing, there were rules! On a Friday night, my best friend, Abi, and I would head down to Blockbuster's to rent a video and pick up a tub of Cookie Dough. When we got back, we'd watch the film and split the tub 50/50. Abi was one of the only people I trusted to go halves with, but we had an agreement: hand the tub over after each mouthful!

    - Steph, Creator of all things colourful and wonderful

  3. The Journey Home

    The long and boring journey from lectures to my University halls was always one I dreaded. But when I discovered Ben & Jerry's tucked away in a corner shop freezer, that all changed. After that, Ben & Jerry's became my travel companion and my journeys flew past.

    The best (or worst!) bit about it is that I'd always forget a spoon, meaning that I'd enjoy the entire tub with my finger!

    - Antonia, Tasting and Testing Extraordinare

  4. My earliest memory of Ben & Jerry's was when I met my now wife at University. To justifiy a night in, I'd show up at the door with a tub of Phish Food... she'd forget all about the idea of date night and we'd cuddle up on the sofa to share a tub.

    To this day I still use a tub of Ben & Jerry's as a bribe; except now it's more to make up for the myriad of things I do wrong!

    - Chris, Social Missions Star


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