Londoners - Get Out to Vote!

02 April, 2016


Why Vote?

Voting is crucial. It’s the basis of our whole society; the idea that the citizens have the right to choose who will govern them. Yet despite this, voter turnout across the UK has often plummeted, which is a real concern for our future.

We need to stand up and make sure our votes are counted on Election Day, so that the politicians and the policy makers know that we will hold them to account on what they say and do.

If we do increase voter turnout across the UK, politicians will understand that the people care for the future of their communities, and are willing to head to the polling station to show that! At Ben & Jerry’s, we believe that democracy only works when it works for everyone, and encouraging our fans to go and vote is part of our mission.

Elections Here, There and Everywhere… This Week!

This Thursday we’re calling on our fans across the UK to exercise their democratic rights and take part in the elections taking place all over the country! There are a whole host of elections taking place across the UK, including those for the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, local councils across England, the London Assembly and the Mayor of London! There’s even elections taking place for Police and Crime commissioners in some parts of the UK.

How to Find Out More About Your Elections

The clever cookies over at the London School of Economics have created a handy tool for citizens across the UK to find out more about their local elections, called Democratic Dashboard. All you need to do is pop in your post code and click enter to find out about all the elections you can take part it on Thursday 5th May. The dashboard not only gives details of all the candidates standing, including links to their websites, but also shows the historic results for the area!

Get Out to Vote!

Voting is a great moment to see democracy in action, and this is your chance to help shape the future of your area! Get out to vote this Thursday and tell your friends and family to do the same - let’s push for a democracy where all voices are heard!

Don’t Get Frozen Out

Take a stand for our democracy!

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