Hands at the Ready!

Hands at the ready! Something new is coming from Ben & Jerry’s and it’s not your average tub & spoon scenario. You’re going to need to rely on more than your usual spooning skills to enjoy our latest cool concoction, which is why we’ve put together a handy instructional guide to prepare you!

  1. The Sock Puppet

    We’re taking inspiration from one of our favourite childhood pastimes here… the good old sock puppet. All those hours spent with your chatty knitted friend will finally come in handy – know what we’re talking about? Then congrats! You’ve got this technique nailed already!

  2. The Crab Claw

    Pincers at the ready...! They say three is the magic number, so grab two friends and crab claw your way to taste bud happiness.

  3. The Duck Fight

    We’re certainly not recommending you start a fight at your local pond. Merely saying that this new arrival comes in bite-sized pieces and therefore pecking, pinching and devouring techniques will hold you in good stead for these mini treats. Plus, you’ll be ready to nab the last bite which can only be a good thing - that’s if sharing isn’t your bag...

  4. The Classic

    Woah, woah, wait a second… don’t put your spoon away just yet – we know that when it comes to ice cream eating, you may just love to kick it old school with a tub and spoon…so don’t worry, you’ve not been forgotten! Grab your trusty spoon, sit back and dig in!