Our Top Tips for Ice Cream Perfection

7th November 2016

Our ice cream is pretty special, and as tempting as it may be to scoff down a whole tub, we think it’s a treat that deserves to be savoured. So, we’ve got in touch with some ice cream aficionados who know what they’re talking about when it comes to ice cream etiquette. They’ve sought out the finest spoons, and know the precise temperature for scooping-precision – here are their top five tips for ice cream perfection:

  1. Choose Your Weapon

    As a vehicle for bringing your ice cream from tub to taste buds, a spoon is the obvious choice. But finding the perfect size is a somewhat trickier story. Finding the balance between big enough to handle those outrageous chunks, but not so huge you overestimate how much you can handle, is a puzzle only a true ice cream aficionado can solve. 

  2. Scooping Satisfaction

    When you’ve got a craving for something cold and sweet, the most frustrating thing in the world can be hacking away at a rock solid tub while you drool impatiently. Spare yourself the suspense (and give your wrist a rest!) by sloshing your scooper in hot water and watching it glide through with ease. Ooh, satisfying.

  3. Get Flippin'

    There are 9000 taste buds on your tongue, and every damn one of them deserves access to the euphoric taste of Chocolate Fudge Brownie. To maximise those deep fudgy tones, flip your spoon over so the ice cream hits the surface of your tongue instead of the roof of your mouth. Prepare to have your mind blown...

  4. What's Cooler Than Being Cool?

    Exactly the right level of cool. The perfect temperature for ice cream is around -13°C, which is just a tad warmer than your average freezer. Without having to whack out your thermometer, you can hit this magic number by leaving your tub to temper for 5-10 minutes out of the freezer before you dig in. So… much… self-control… required.

  5. Down That Tub

    Have you been blowing hot and cold on your ice cream? You won’t get the best reaction. Letting ice cream melt then refreezing can make your tub icier than creamy, which means that you either need to avoid getting the ice cream all soupy in the first place, or once it’s out, get it down in one. What a predicament.

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