In or Out? Register to Vote Today!

02 June, 2016


It’s Getting Urgent!

In less than three weeks, people up and down the UK will hit the polls to decide the future of the country’s membership in the European Union. Whilst the arguments for Remain or Leave continue, the stark fact is that there are still a whopping 7.5 million people not registered to vote!

The deadline to register to vote is only days away, so make sure you register by Tuesday 7 June to have your voice heard in the EU referendum!

Our friends at HOPE not hate and Bite the Ballot have set themselves the ambitious target of making sure 500,000 young people register by the Tuesday 7 June deadline and to engage millions more with their campaign #TurnUp. Whilst young people will be greatly affected by the outcome of the vote, due to so many being unregistered, millions will be unable to have their say.

Registering to vote is easier than you think. In the time it takes for you to take your favourite tub out of the freezer and wait for it to reach the perfect scooping temperature, you could have registered to vote! It only takes a couple of minutes, and you can register right HERE.

Why Register?

If you are registered you can actually go out and vote, rather than sitting and watching others make an important decision for you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in, out or undecided – if you’re not registered to vote you can’t have your say.

The EU referendum is likely to be a once-in-a-generation vote, so make sure you have your say in tackling issues you care about and shaping your future.


Think You’re Already Registered?

If you haven’t received your polling card in the post, then it’s likely you aren’t registered to vote in the upcoming referendum. There are a number of reasons why you may no longer be registered to vote:

  • If your address has changed since you last registered. If it has, you will need to re-register at your new address.
  • If you haven’t re-registered since June 2015, you will have been removed from the electoral register as part of the shift to Individual Electoral Registration.

So, if you thought you were registered to vote, but haven’t yet received your polling card, you’ll need to re-register! Head over to the Turn Up website to find out more about how.

Where Are You On Election Day?

Received a polling card in the post already? If so, great news! You’re all good to go. However, if you are a student, make sure you are registered at the address you will be living at on Election Day (23rd June), as it is outside term time. You may need to re-register at your home address!

And, if you’re one of the lucky ones that got tickets to Glastonbury, or if you are going to be on holiday on Election Day, make sure you apply for a postal vote by Wednesday 8th June. Find our more here.

Check out the #TurnUp campaign HERE for neutral information on the EU and more information on how to get involved.

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