Londoners! Don’t Get Frozen Out of Democracy!

17 March, 2016


Ben & Jerry’s have teamed up with HOPE not hate to launch 'Don’t Get Frozen Out', a campaign to encourage Londoners to register to vote ahead of the Mayoral Election! We believe that democracy only works when it works for everyone, and that together, we can help shape the future of London!

Make sure you register to vote to ensure your voice is heard in the May polls!

Why Register?

We need a democracy where all voices are heard – one where we can all have an equal say over the decisions that affect our capital. One in five Londoners are currently frozen out of democracy… it’s time we turn up the heat!

Since the General Election last year, 327,000 Londoners have been removed from the electoral register – that’s a whopping 5% of all voters in the capital! We need to get Londoners back onto the register, so citizens can help shape the future of our city.

How Does Registering Make an Impact?

If particular groups of people aren’t registered to vote, then politicians won’t seek to create policies to address the needs of those groups. It’s often the case that those that may require a helping hand in life, for example young people or low income families, are those that aren’t registered to vote. Politicians therefore don’t try to win their votes! We need to make sure that no one is frozen out of democracy, and that starts with registering your vote!

What’s Happening?

Our campaign will be getting Londoners registered to vote right up until the deadline on 18th April. From hitting the streets to getting fans to encourage their friends to register, we’ve got a jam packed plan of action to ensure Londoners are no longer frozen out of democracy!

How Do I Take Action?

Visit our campaign hub here and get all the info that you need to register to vote. And, if you agree that we need a democracy that works for everyone, then sign up below for the latest updates on our campaign, including being the first to know where to grab your FREE scoop of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!

Democracy only works when it works for everyone!