The Power of the Mayor!

22 March, 2016

The Mayor of London has the ability to set policy across the capital, affecting everything from the city’s transport links to its music venues. It might come as a surprise when you realise just how varied the aspects of London life that the Mayor has influence over are! Here are just a handful...


Confused Train Lines?

Everyone’s heard of the world famous London Underground – with 250 miles of track, it’s the third longest metro system in the world! And only adding to this network of colourful lines, London’s Overground has also taken shape in recent years. In many places these two networks cross, and despite their distinct names, it’s not always as logistical as it seems! In fact, at Whitechapel station, the Overground travels under the Underground… Yep we’re confused about that one too…

The Mayor of London has responsibility for managing Transport for London, who run both the Underground and Overground network. So make sure you’re registered to vote to help shape the future of transport in London!


London’s Lost Music Venues

Since 2007, London has lost a whopping 35% of its live music venues! Many of these have been grass roots venues, where many of today’s big bands began their careers. The lack of protection for these venues in planning laws has meant many have fallen foul of complaints from new flat builds nearby, as well as suffering from increasing rents, which is tough when these venues often operate on a shoestring budget.

The Mayor of London has the chance to help save the future of music in our city, so register to vote and have your say!


An Urban Forest

Did you know that over 1/3 of our city is made up of open green space!? Yep that’s right, 38% of our capital is covered in parks, commons and greens, making London the 3rd greenest major city in the world! We also have 8 million trees in the capital, making us the largest urban forest in the world!

It’s the Mayor’s responsibility to help protect our green spaces. If you register to vote, you can help protect our green haven!

Economic Powerhouse

The GDP (aka the financial value of all goods and services an area produces) of London is actually bigger than that of many major European countries, including Belgium and Sweden! London continues to be at the heart of the global economy, acting as an important centre for finance, music, fashion, film and many more industries which use our multicultural city as an asset!

The Mayor of London has responsibility to ensure that the city’s economy continues to prosper - help shape that prosperity by finding out more about our campaign and registering to vote here!