Multitask with the ‘Wich

04 March, 2016

Have you heard? Ben & Jerry’s just released a brand-new ice cream treat, and we’re calling it the ‘Wich. Its awesomeness involves Cookie Dough or Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream sandwiched between two deliciously chewy cookies. Better yet, unlike your favourite tub of Ben & Jerry’s, the ‘Wich only requires one hand to eat, leaving your other hand free to be productive. What can you do with that free hand? We’ve got a few suggestions:

  1. Challenge Your Friend to a Duel

    Handheld means no spoons are needed to enjoy a ‘Wich. Doesn’t matter if you’re a samurai, medieval knight or Luke Skywalker, grab those spoons and put them to good use!

  2. Write a Hit Single

    Every rock star began with a song, and every song begins with a first verse. You’re not going to get famous by singing in the shower, so put pen to paper and let those lyrics flow every ‘Wich way.

  3. Socialise

    As in staring at your phone, scrolling through social media. How can you not “like” a handheld Ben & Jerry’s treat that still lets you snap and post a selfie without missing a bite?

  4. Wax Your _____________

    Whether you’re waxing your skis, snowboard, back, eyebrows or car, it’s always a painfully tedious experience. But it doesn’t need to be that way when you’re snacking on your favourite ice cream, sandwiched between two chewy cookies.

  5. Win an Arm Wrestling Match

    Remember that scene in the movie Over the Top where Sylvester Stallone’s character beats Bull Hurley in the ultimate arm wrestling battle? Of course you do, and that could be you!

  6. Channel Surf

    Your television only gets 568 channels, and yet you can’t seem to find one show worth watching. However, flipping through the mind-numbing programmes sure is better with a ‘Wich in hand.

  7. Try Extreme Ironing

    You’d probably rather climb an actual mountain than face the Mount Everest-sized heap of clothes next to the ironing board…until now. With a ‘Wich in hand, de-creasing those shirts suddenly feels manageable. That’s right, ironing just became your favourite chore.

  8. Vote

    Choosing between Election Day and eating ice cream has always been a tough decision. Lucky for you, there’s no need to choose…well, except for whether you’re going with Cookie Dough or Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

  9. Walk Fido

    Pets are soooo needy. Walking, petting, fetching—they want it all, and always in the middle of dessert. Good thing you just need one hand to hold a leash, for you are ‘Wich’d and ready for action.

  10. Drool at

    Eating ice cream while searching for your favourite flavour on the web? Talk about multitasking! Just think, right now you could be studying up on the ‘Wich, while enjoying one, too.

Are you a multitalented ice cream aficionado? Let us know ‘Wich way you multitask by tweeting us @benandjerrysUK.