Our Top 5 Musical Flavours

26th September, 2016

When Ben and Jerry started this company in 1978, their goal was to make the best possible ice cream in the nicest possible way. Blending ice cream and music along the way was just the cherry on top. So, let's take a trip back in time and revisit some of the moments that have helped cement our place as the most rockin' ice cream company around...

  1. 1987: Cherry Garcia Made Its Debut

    Cherry Garcia combines two of our best-loved traditions: musical tributes and tips from our fans. The idea to name a flavour after Grateful Dead guitarist, Jerry Garcia, arrived in our office on an anonymous postcard from two Dead heads (aka Grateful Dead fans!) in Portland, Maine, and we just couldn't resist! This cherry sensation remains a firm favourite in our scoop shops... and Garcia enjoyed it too!

  2. 1997: Phish Food Hit the Stage (& Your Freezer)

    Burlington (in Vermont, USA) has given the world some of its most celebrated wonders, one being Ben & Jerry's ice cream... and the other: legendary rock band, Phish. In 1997, we decided to make dreams come true by coming together to create Phish Food. FYI: Ben wanted raspberry in the flavour, but the band won him over and insisted on the caramel swirl that gives Phish Food it's hard-to-beat gooeyness. The power of rock eh?!

  3. 2006: Glastonberry Made Some Noise

    Ben & Jerry's had been hitting the road and getting their wellies in the mud at festivals for years before we decided that it was about time we came up with a flavour that captured that sweet music experience. Having called out to the best source of inspiration (our fans!) we whipped up a euphoric batch of Glastonberry. And this tub didn't just pack a hefty dose of nostalgia for summertimes spent dancing in fields... it also helped contribute towards Glastonbury's support for the wonderful charity, WaterAid!

  4. 2007: Bohemian Raspberry Was the Champion

    The mid-2000s was a great time for music and berries alike in the Ben & Jerry's freezer, and in 2007 we paid tribute to music royalty, Queen! With a euphoric combination of vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge brownies, and a raspberry swirl, this cool concoction supported the Mercury Pheonix Trust, who raise awareness and fund charities globally in the worldwide fight against AIDS. Rock on!

  5. 2016: One Love Rocks Up

    Some of the biggest rock stars of the music world have undergone a diva name change once in a while, and One Love is no different, adopting a new stage name in 2016. Having spread sweet sounds as Satisfy My Bowl since 2014, this sweet banana treat honours the legen-dairy Bob Marley, and helps to fund the 1Love Youth Camp in Jamaica, which supports young people to unlock their potential through music.