Do Year’s Resolutions: 10 Things to do More of in 2017

21st December, 2017

It’s getting to that time of year again, when we all promise not to do things we’ve been doing for 12 months and generally commit to making January a little bit dull. Yawn, right? Here at Ben & Jerry’s, we’re big fans of one of our founder’s favourite mottos: “If it’s not fun, why do it?” So instead of giving something up next year, here are 10 things you can commit to doing more of:

  1. Go With the Little Guys

    There are tons of reasons to shop local and independent this coming year, like giving your community a boost, and cutting down on those food miles. It’s a foodie resolution without that awful food guilt, and you might just find some gems hiding right underneath your nose.

  2. Turn Off the Lights

    2017 is a crucial year for the planet as we try to stop temperatures from soaring. But not all efforts to protect the earth need to be gigantic… Yep that’s right, something as simple as unplugging your electrical gadgets and gizmos or turning off the lights when you leave a room can make a big impact! 

  3. Don't Be a Chunk-Hog

    Picture the scene: you’re huddled round a tub of Cookie Dough with your bestie, spoons in hand, and you spot a particularly good-lookin’ chunk of dough. Obviously, your first instinct is to dive right in before that beauty gets snapped up, but why not let your friend have it? There’s plenty of cookie to go round after all, and we’re sure your spooning partner will thank you for it.

  4. Feel #Blessed

    Social media cliché it may be, but there’s something in the idea of taking a moment to reflect on the good stuff, whether that’s your friends and family, the wonders of your city or nature, or the simple fact that Peanut Butter Cup exists.

  5. Remember, Remember

    Even if it takes writing reminders to yourself, being more thoughtful about the people we spend time with sounds like a pretty good resolution to us. Not forgetting when your granny’s birthday or your friend’s job interview is coming up is a pretty tiny change to make, but you’ll be surprised how much it’s appreciated.

  6. Recycle

    It’s literally never been easier, but admit it, you’ve sometimes dodged separating your rubbish because you be bothered to clean out that can, right? Make a promise to yourself that you won’t let laziness get in the way of saving your stuff from a landfill fate – and while you’re at it, you could even get creative with your empty ice cream tubs. 

  7. Banish Your Phone

    Okay not totally…as we said, we are entering 2017, but being only a tap away from the huge weird place that is the internet has its disadvantages – like making you miss out on the huge weird things that are happening right in front of you. How about leaving it at the door when you come in at night? Trust us, you won’t miss it that much.

  8. Take a Break From Adulting

    We don’t know about you, but we’ve spent way too much of 2016 dealing with boring adult stuff that just wouldn’t go away (and that’s even with that whole motto about fun!). Set aside time to do things that mini-you once loved: reread your old favourite book, ballet dance around your room, fly a kite…

  9. Act On Your Ideas

    Ben & Jerry’s was born when two friends who’d met back in school gym class found themselves in Vermont wanting to start a business. They didn’t have much of a clue at first, and very nearly wound up making bagels, but it wasn’t long before people were coming from far and wide to get their hands on their euphoric ice cream. The best ideas come from unlikely places, and if you’re hiding a great one, maybe 2017 is the time to set it loose on the world! 

  10. Chat to Your Neighbours

    Not knowing who lives on the other side of the wall to you is pretty crazy when you think about it. They could be anyone! Make an effort to stop and chat when you pass each other, or if you’re feeling brave, knock on their door (maybe taking along a tub of Phish Food to break the ice… geddit?!) 

What will you be adding to your list of DO resolutions in 2017? Let us know by tweeting us @benandjerrysUK