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It's time we came clean. This might come as a surprise, but we don't have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program here at Ben & Jerry's. Yep... true story. You know why? Because it's baked into the company! It's an integral part of our business model, not a separate thing...

Back in the early days, Ben and Jerry took a step back from the ice cream maker and threw a radical idea out there: what if everyone and everything that their company touched benefitted from their profits? After all, nobody wants to buy something that was made by exploiting somebody else.

Let's break it down with ice cream for a second - think of it like a tub of Phish Food; we wouldn't try to swirls our marvelous marshmallow in after making and freezing the creamy chocolate ice cream. We swirl it into the chocolate ice cream mix, along with the caramel and chocolatey fish - it's all part of the process - and, similarly, our social impact is swirled into the core business model of what we call "Linked Prosperity".

It just makes sense to us - it always has, and always will. You can check out some highlights of things we've done over the years right here

As our flavour gurus create new concoctions, we directly impact the whole system... and as the company grows, our social impact grows too. Win win!

We're excited to be spreading the peace, love and ice cream with you, and delivering the scoop on what's happening in the world and with Ben & Jerry's, straight to your inbox! Thanks for singing up!