Say Hello To Our All New Flavour - One Sweet World!

20th September, 2016


Ice cream lovers rejoice - our latest flavour has landed! And there's a lot going on in this euphoric tub of sweet & creamy joy; think big chunks, big swirls & an even bigger purpose. This flavour marks the launch of our all new campaign, One Sweet World, through which we aim to bring people together by celebrating our communities at a time of increasing division. Why? Because, just like ice cream, communities come in all flavours, and together we can make One Sweet World!

What's In The Tub?

For this tastebud-tingling treat, we've lovingly churned together Fairtrade caramel and coffee ice creams, marshmallow and caramel swirls, and chunky chocolate ampersands - an all new addition to the Ben & Jerry's chunk family!

With our latest campaign being all about coming together, it only felt right to create a chunk inspired by the '&'s' from our very own name - one we like to think of as a symbol of togetherness and unity!

What's One Sweet World All About?

Like many people, we've become increasingly concerned by the pockets of fear and prejudice emerging within our society. And, unlike ice cream, this simply isn't cool! We think it's time to take a stand against division and to celebrate what unites our communities, so we've partnered with civil-rights charity HOPE not hate, to bring people together in the name of unity and compassion!


Who Are HOPE Not Hate?

HOPE not hate challenge organised hate and intolerance within our society, and mobilise communities to provide a positive antidote to fear and hate!

An inclusive and welcoming society starts with a belief that we all deserve respect, whatever our backgrounds. It is built by each of us doing our bit to drive a more positive narrative of our communities. Food is one of the most important ways of breaking down barriers - that's why we're delighted to be supporting One Sweet World.

Nick Lowles, Chief Executive, HOPE not hate

And just as you thought this euphoric flavour couldn't get any sweeter, we're excited to announce that proceeds from our One Sweet World tub will go towards funding various projects run by HOPE not hate that contribute to more inclusive communities.

How Can I Get Involved?

This campaign is all about being a little n-icer to each other (regardless of nationality, ethnic origin, religion or wealth), and doing our bit to melt away prejudice. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!

If you want to get involved, you can join the movement by visiting our campaign hub page here! Why not check out our 'This Is What You Can Do' section whilst you're there, and join us in spreading the peace, love & ice cream today!