Our Fan Flavours

We may be a little biased, but we think our Ben & Jerry's flavour creations are pretty nifty... we also think our fans are pretty nifty!... and, in fact, without our fans, we may never have come up with some of the iconic concoctions that tickle our tastebuds today.

February 02, 2016

1. Cherry Garcia

cherry.jpg (b&j-track stars)

Back in '86, a fan over in the US left the idea for Cherry Garcia on a board in her local scoop shop... a flavour suggestion we knew we couldn't ignore! Having had our flavour gurus tinker around in the kitchen, and come up with the classic flavour we know and love today, we just had to track down our anonymous flavour suggestor. And once we'd found her, we finally awarded her with a year's supply of ice cream and place in our hall of fame — much deserved! 

2. Satisfy My Bowl

sat.jpg (b&j-track stars)

We've been mixing music with ice cream for decades, and to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the legend, Bob Marley, we created Satisfy My Bowl. Whilst busying in the kitchen, we asked our fans to suggest a 'Legend'-ary name for our latest creation... Camilla Bishop did just that; her winning entry inspired by Marley's classic track, "Satisfy My Soul".

3. Chubby Hubby

chubby.jpg (b&j-track stars)

Driven mad by their Ben & Jerry's obsessed boss, Tom, two office workers decided to create their own make believe flavour (Chubby Hubby) just to baffle him. But, with just one taste, Tom proclaimed it too good to be a joke! The colleagues sent us a letter sharing their story and we knew we had to taste it ourselves... the rest is hubby-history — it's no joke!

4. Fairly Nuts

nuts.jpg (b&j-track stars)

In 2009, we launched our "Do The World A Flavour" competition, asking fans to submit their flavour suggestions. Our lucky finalists were whisked off to the Dominican Republic, where they visited a Fair Trade Farm and met our lovely co-founders, Ben and Jerry, who later crowned Toni Gunnison our supreme winner!

5. Apple YUM-Ble

toffee.jpg (b&j-track stars)

At Ben & Jerry's we know that crumble and ice cream are a match made in heaven... so, when Meryl Logan sent in her "Toffee Apple YUM-ble" creation, we couldn't resist whipping up a batch! Unfortunately, not all our fan flavours make it to freezers... but that doesn't mean our flavour gurus keep all the ice cream goodness to themselves; they concoted a limited-batch of Meryl's flavour and sent it over for her to enjoy!