Have You Heard? The Peace Talks Are Coming To London!

The Peace Talks have come to town, which means an evening of sharing stories about building peace and working together for a sweeter world!


What Is The Peace Talks All About?

The Peace Talks is an initiative showcasing inspirational stories from people who are making a positive contribution to peace! For one evening only, people from all walks of life will come together to share their personal stories, ideas and practical solutions to build peace, all under the banner that no matter where you are in the world, peace is possible.

And this edition of the Peace Talks are especially, ahem, special. This Thursday, 3rd November, marks the first ever London peace Talks! Changemakers will unite in our capital city, at the awesome location of City Hall, to put their heads together for a more peaceful world, with the theme of Building Bridges.

To help bring this sweet event to London, we've linked up with our friends at Interpeace, a strategic partner of the UN, along with the organisers of Peace Talks.

Co-founded by the UN Office at Geneva, Interpeace, and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, the Peace Talks is now in its fourth year, and with the previous having gone down a storm in Geneva, Stockholm, Ottawa and Nairobi, our city has a lot to live up to!

Who's Doing the Talking?

Thursday night will be hosted by Lliana Bird, Radio X presenter and co-founder of Help for Refugees. She'll be joined by six inspirational speakers - check them out below!

How To Get The Scoop

London's Peace Talks will be broadcast live as it happens! To see and hear all the action, sign up here for the live webcast, then tune in at 6:15pm on Thursday 3rd November 2016.

See you then!

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  1. Raed al Saleh

    Raed is the head of the Syrian Civil Defence (aka the White Helmets), which is an organisation made up of 'ordinary' Syrians who volunteer to rescue those wounded during attacks. So far they have saved an incredible 62 thousand plus lives, earned the 2016 Right Livelihood Award, and a nomination this year for a Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. Ruth Ibegbuna

    Ruth is the founder and CEO of RECLAIM, a Manchester-based youth leadership charity that offers working class young people opportunities and access to networks that support them in pursuing their ambitions, so they can succeed without compromising who they are.

  3. Nao Gafni Slaney

    Noa is the Founder and CEO of Impact Squared, which works with social causes to elevate their message, motivate people to act and evaluate their impact.

  4. Fatima Zaman

    A civil servant working on countering violent extremism, terrorism, and faith-related matters, Fatima is interested in using engagement and dialogue around faith and integration to create counter-narratives that destroy the narrative employed by members of extremist groups.

  5. Maran Turner

    Maran is the executive director of Freedom Now, which works to free prisoners who have been detained not because of violence but because of their beliefs or status, using legal, political and public relations advocacy efforts.

  6. Rehana Faisal

    Rehana is a community activist and chair of Luton An Nisa Trust, LANTern, a grassroots movement which seeks to empower Muslim women through engagement in social issues.

  7. Jasminko Halilović

    Jasminko is the founder of the War Childhood Museum, which presents the experience of children during the siege of Sarajevo.