Not All Sandwiches Are Savoury! Check Out Our Top 5 Sweet Sandwich Suggestions

Last month we launched our latest euphoric ice cream innovation – the ‘Wich! An ice cream sandwich miracle, this euphoric treat consists of our legendary cookie dough ice cream sandwiched between two delicious, chewy chocolate chip cookies… what’s not to love!?

And, if you hadn’t already heard, this week is National Sandwich Week! Yes, we know all you traditionalists out there are throwing your BLT’s on the floor in protest whilst yelling ‘sandwiches are savoury!’, but trust us, we know a thing or two about sweet sandwiches! So, having searched the UK far and wide, here are our top 5 suggestions for delicious sweet-filled treats you can get your hands on:

  1. Salted Caramel Brownie Sandwich, Bad Brownie

    Liquid salted caramel sandwiched between two deliciously decadent chocolate fudge brownies… We’re drooling at the very thought! This treat was crowned ‘best brownie in London’ at the 2014 Chocolate Festival, so it’s not just us who thinks it’s pretty awesome!

  2. Doughnut Ice-Cream Sandwich, Bird

    Hop on down to one of the Bird branches – they may be famous for their fried chicken, but we suggest skipping the savouries and chowing down on one of these bad boys.

  3. Nutella Pizza Ring, Pizza Pilgrims

    OK, maybe we’re blurring the sandwich lines a little bit too much now, but we just couldn’t leave this one off the list. If we could eat this every day we would, although we advise sharing with a friend… Especially if you’ve already eaten a pizza!

  4. Oreo Bagel, The Bagel Nook

    If there’s one thing we know at Ben & Jerry’s, it’s that anything tastes ten times better when you add cookies! And since Ben & Jerry already know a thing or two about bagels, we’re all over this! (OK, so this one isn’t available in the UK (yet!), but dreams can come true!)

  5. Choc & Cheese Toastie, Melt

    We know what you’re thinking – chocolate and cheese?! But at Ben & Jerry’s, we’re big fans of experimenting with flavours, and trust us… this is a winning combination.

Have you got any sweet sandwich recommendations (or even recipe suggestions!) of your own? Let us know by tweeting us @BenandJerrysUK