5 Ski Resorts Standing Up to Climate Change

29th November, 2016


Strapping your feet onto slippery planks and hurtling down a mountain isn't exactly everyone's idea of a good time. But, as many mountain-goers know, there's nothing quite like sitting at the summit and admiring the view. And for those lucky enough to live in these majestic places, their livelihoods depend on the snow-sports industry.

However, snow-sports are at the front line when it comes to the effects of climate change. From summer forest fires and droughts, to reduced snowfall and early melting, resorts are really feeling the heat. And supporting ecosystems, forests and hydrological systems are also showing poor vital signs.

Luckily, more and more mountain communities are taking action on climate change and encouraging visitors to follow suite. So here are just five of our favourites who are winning when it comes to taking the fight: