5 Reasons to Cosy Up on the Sofa with a Tub of Ben & Jerry’s

7th December, 2016

At Ben & Jerry's, there's nothing we love more than snuggling up on sofa with a tub of our euphoric ice cream. And, as the nights draw closer and the weather gets colder, what more of an excuse do you need to cosy up with your favourite flavour? Check out our top five sofa moments below:

  1. The Take Out

    Choosing what take-out to get can seem like one of life's tougher decisions; your other half wants this, you want that... your friend throws that other thing into the mix... - and so it goes on. While we can't be of assistance with dinner, we can relieve you of that even tougher call to make; what sweet treat to follow? Grab a tub of Sofa So Good, put your feet up, and prepare for ultimate ice cream euphoria. (You're welcome!)

  2. The Sleepover

    You can't beat a good all-nighter, with your best buddies, box sets at the ready, and some Ben & Jerry's. What flavour to choose though? For times like these, we'd recommend our all new nutty concoction, Wholly Couch; throwing together caramelised pecans, blondie brownie chunks, and an added twist of salted caramel swirls. The perfect partner for your next big night in is here.

  3. The Duvet Day

    As we roll into Autumn, some days are best filled by doing absolutely nothing at all. Nada. Zip. Nothing. A day dedicated to the duvet; just you and that soft, marshmallowy, pillow-y blanket of joy... that one-way ticket to cosy town. The only people allowed to join you? Ben and Jerry. Grab a tub of Cookie Dough; those chewy chunks cosied up in creamy vanilla ice cream provide the perfect spooning partner for the day of the duvet. Ahhh...

  4. The Movie Marathon

    Ice cream lovers far and wide know that no movie marathon is complete without a tub of Ben & Jerry's... and movie lovers far and wide know that no marathon is complete without a sofa and your pals. Next time you're hosting a night full of film-fueled fun, why not mix things up a little and grab some mini cups. Not only are they the perfect size for post-pizza snacking, you don't have to share, and you'll avoid the "which flavour" debate, which almost always eats into movie time!

  5. The Date Night

    Ahhh, date night: sofa snuggling, romantic movies... quality time spent with the one you love. This special occasion deserves S'Wich Up; a cookie-tastic combination of sweet vanilla ice cream, cookie chunks and swirls... just don't blame us when your significant other spends more time gazing into their ice cream than into your eyes!