6 Times Ben & Jerry's Has Been There For You

From first dates to break ups, lonely nights to slumber parties - we've been through the thick and thin! Whether you need a shoulder to cry on or a surrogate best friend, your good old friends Ben & Jerry will never let you down. And, just in case you haven't turned to us in a time of need, here's a reminder of the top six occassions we're called upon most!

  1. 1. The Break Up

    No matter who's let you down, Ben and Jerry are two guys you can count on for a loving late-night spoon. Look no further than Peanut Butter Cup for your sweet hug-in-a-tub... better than sharing the bed anyway!

  2. 2. The Ice Breaker

    Frosty silences? Trying to look cool? Making friends can be tricky, but luckily Ben & Jerry are two chilled out companions who can help you break the ice. So hand out the spoons and watch those lifelong friendships flourish!

  3. 3. The Big Night In

    You're all set up for a movie marathon, and you're ready to press play. Whether you've invited all your friends, or S'Wich Up is standing in for your BFF (totally acceptable), a euphoric pint of Ben & Jerry's is the key ingredient for this sofa soiree.

  4. 4. Me-Time

    There's a big ol' world out there, full of adventures, just waiting to be explored. But you know what else there is? The sofa. For those once in a blue moon days when you get to be a couch potato, Half Baked is the only company you need. Real life can wait.

  5. 5. When it's all going wrong...

    When the rain starts to fall, like it's been there before, Phish Food will be there for you. Cuddle up and let off some steam... it's a great listener.

  6. 6. ...And When It All Goes Right!

    Having seen you through the thick and thin, the smooth and chunky, who better to celebrate with than your trusty sidekick, Chocolate Fudge Brownie? Rejoice in sweet success and even sweeter brownie chunks, We've always got your back.