Raise Your Glasses for Toast!

January 28th, 2016


As a nation, we’re obsessed with bread. Buns, baps, loaves, baguettes… you name it, we’re eating it! But, did you know that on average UK households throw away 24 million slices of the stuff every day! Food wastage is a huge problem in our world, and we really need new and innovative solutions to fix this ever escalating issue.

Say Hello to Toast

One clever cookie tackling this very challenge is Tristram Stuart, who has discovered a pretty cool way to use up all that leftover bread… Say hello to Toast, the revolutionary ale aiming to solve the UK’s bread wastage problem once and for all! Made from discarded crusts and unsold loaves, Toast gives unwanted bread a new lease of life, making it the best thing since, ahem… well you know!

Tristram, founder of global charity Feedback, has been campaigning on food waste for his entire adult life and has since found bread to be the worst offender. In a survey commissioned by Love Food Hate Waste, just under half of adults claimed to eat bread every day, with a shocking 18% admitting to throwing away a loaf before even opening it! The amount of baked goods binned in households each year could prevent 26 million people across the globe suffering from malnutrition, highlighting just how important solutions, like Toast, really are!


How is it Made?

The beer, produced by Hackney Brewery in London, is made from surplus bread which is sliced, toasted and blitzed into breadcrumbs, then brewed with malted barley, hops and yeast to make a quality pale ale with a distinctive taste. Tristram stresses the importance of Toast not being a ‘fad’, with the team having worked hard to ensure a delicious tasting and good quality product.

Each bottle of ale contains one whole slice of bread (the crumbs replacing around 40% of the barley normally used) and with all profits going to Feedback, this has got to be the best bottle of ale about! It will be available to buy online from tomorrow, 28th January, and will be sold in restaurants, bars and pubs up and down the country, so don’t miss your chance to have a taste. Toast, we salute you… cheers!