Our Vanilla Flavours Ranked!

Oh, vanilla, how we love you. Your sweet flavour delights us with taste-bud-boggling bites of creamy goodness. Sure, chocolate seems to get all the attention, but we know where the magic's at. Just the sight of your velvelty, dream-like hue ignites cravings for our favourite flavour.... Lucky for us, there's a healthy list of Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavours starring vanilla. These are our favourites, ranked:

  1. 1. Cookie Dough

    This flavour was a pretty obvious winner when we put together this list - a favourite year after year, we made the world's first batch of cookie dough way back in 1984. Today, it reigns among our all-time most popular concoctions, and best of all, it was dreamt up by one of our very own fans!

  2. 2. Half Baked

    Yes, for you purists out there, this flavour isn't strictly vanilla... but who can resist this chunkalicious combination of vanilla and chocolate ice creams, and fudge brownie and cookie dough chunks!? So grab a spoon, navigate your way through this euphoric tub, and don't be surprised if one scoop leads to another (and another...!)

  3. 3. S'Wich Up

    Having perfected our legendary Cookie Dough flavour, we wondered how we could make it even cookier... so we turned the cookie-o-meter right up for this one, cramming chocolatey cookie sandwiches, cookie dough chunks, a swirl of chocolatey cookies AND creamy vanilla ice cream all into one euphoric tub!

  4. 4. Blondie Brownie

    Sharing a tub with a friend when you're a vanilla fanatic and they're a die-hard chocoholic is a usually sticky situation... but grab a tub of Blondie Brownie and your ice cream woes will be over.

  5. 5. Greek Style Honey Vanilla Caramel Frozen Yoghurt

    Summer is right around the corner and this refreshing vanilla-based treat is sure to tingle your tastebuds. Trust us, one spoonfull of this euphoric flavour and you'll be on your way to Greek paradise...