Host Your Own Voter Registration Community Event!

06 April, 2016


The deadline to register to vote ahead of the London mayoral election, is only a few weeks away! With the help of our friends at HOPE not hate, we've launched ‘Don’t Get Frozen Out’, a campaign encouraging Londoners to make sure their voices are heard. We believe democracy only works when it works for everyone... and together, we can help shape the future of London!

If you feel as strongly as we do about the need for a democracy where we can all have an equal say, why not host your very own voter registration drive in your community?

We've gathered some tips to help you out:

1. Gather Your Troops!

In order to host an event, be it in your community centre or on your uni campus, you’ll need to recruit a team of passionate volunteers.

2. Get Your Hands on a Don’t Get Frozen Out Democracy Pack

This handy pack choc-full of everything you need to get cracking - voter registration forms, posters, pledge cards… we’ve even thrown in some FREE Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream vouchers! Sound cool? You can order the pack HERE

3. Create a Buzz!

Go crazy with the flyers, posters and stickers in the Don’t Get Frozen Out Democracy Pack – not only will this raise awareness of your event, that dull, lonely, poster-less wall will also get a new lease of life! And don’t forget to remind everyone to bring their National Insurance number too!

4. Stock Up on Ice Cream

Yes, you could save the vouchers for your very own tub-athon, but come on, let’s get in the community spirit! Make sure your event is stocked up with all your favourite flavours (and enough scoops to go around - share the love!)

5. Most Importantly - Have Fun!

Take pictures and share with your friends, and @benandjerrysUK and @hopenothate are on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, so we can all raise our spoons to congratulate you on your efforts.