Let's March Together on Saturday to Show We Welcome Refugees!

12th September, 2016

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This Saturday, 17th September, as world leaders arrive at the UN to discuss the refugee crisis, people from across the country will gather on the streets of London to call for coordinated action to respond to the global refugee crisis which continues to deepen. Every voice is vital, so we're calling on our fans to don their marching boots and get involved!

Join the March!

The march will assemble on the Southbound Carriageway of Park Lane from 12:30pm and will move off at 1:30pm. There will then be a rally at Parliament Square following the march from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. Click here for the march route!

The Global Challenge

Over the last few years, millions of people have risked their lives crossing the Mediterranean to reach the shores of Europe. Globally, 65 million people were displaced by war and persecution last year alone. And despite the numbers continuing to grow, the world has been unable to come to a coordinated humanitarian response, whilst the political response to find peaceful solutions to conflicts continue to rumble on. 

UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants

The march comes ahead of two vital global meetings organised to try and tackle the crisis. On Saturday, for the first time ever, the UN General Assembly will be gathering leaders to focus their attentions on the movement of refugees and migrants, and to build a coordinated plan to tackle this crisis. And on Sunday, President Obama will host a second gathering to try to achieve global commitments on:

  • Increased funding to support the humanitarian response
  • Increased numbers of resettled refugees through legal pathways
  • Improved legal rights for asylum seekers to learn and work

This issue is too big and complex for countries to handle alone. We must work together to reach a solution, and by taking part in the march, you can play your role!


We Need to Take to the Streets!

80% of refugees worldwide continue to be hosted in developing countries and the march on Saturday is an opportunity to show that the UK is ready to go that one step further in providing sanctuary for people escaping such terrible situations in their home countries.

The UN climate change conference in Paris last year showed that the world is capable of working together to get commitments on global challenges and we need to take to the streets again to call on our leaders to show that we stand with the millions of refugees around the world.

Book the date in - 17th September and SIGN UP on Facebook to get all the latest information on the march. Why not share the page with your friends and family too and encourage them to take part alongside thousands of others standing up for justice and calling for action.

Refugees - We Stand With You!