What Happens on Tour, Stays on Tour!

22nd June, 2016

Ben & Jerry’s tour season is almost upon us! Every summer, we like to show our fans some love by handing out delicious free ice cream, and this year’s no different! So get ready for four weeks of euphoric ice cream and tonnes of Ben & Jerry’s fun. If you’re planning to join us on tour in London, here are 8 things you can expect to see:

  • Mexican Waves

    Around Europe, it’s become somewhat of a tradition to get a Mexican wave going before we hand out ice cream… arriba!

  • Our Ben & Jerrys-i-fied Van

    See that colourful, magical splash of colour on the horizon? We'll bet our bottom dollar that's the Ben & Jerry's tour van - you can spot it from a mile off!

  • Scoopers Decked Out in Ben & Jerry's T-Shirts

    Our sought after t-shirts are hard to come across, but we have been known to hand some out when the ice cream euphoria gets to us… so keep your eyes peeled!

  • Peace, Love & Free Hugs!

    We’re all about spreading the peace, love and ice cream during our tour, and giving out free hugs is no exception!

  • Our Tour Staff Go a Bit Mad

    Scooping ice cream all day isn't as easy as you think - so don't be suprised if you see a member of staff go a little kooky!

  • Second Scoops

    One scoop is never enough, and we’ll be the last to stop you re-joining the line for another.

  • Melting Cones

    We all know that ice cream tastes best in the hot weather... but you better eat it quick!

  • Fun & Games

    Our tour is just as much about having fun as it is about enjoying delicious ice cream! Join in with one of our ‘wich-themed games and let your competitive side loose!

So, if you've ever participated in our Mexican wave, or bagged yourself a Ben & Jerry's t-shirt, let us know in the comments below! We hope to see you all on tour this Summer!