7 ways to live more environmentally this year

January 18, 2018


You might have left behind some of your 2018 resolutions already (just how much wear has that new gym kit had..?). But, the extreme weather and rising temperatures of 2017 show us we need to get serious about climate change now more than ever. Here are a few resolutions that are really worth sticking to in 2018.


If you’re worried about the use of fossil fuels, switch to a renewable energy supplier. It’s super-easy to do, and some people find they save money too. Some companies are even offering ‘green gas’ tariffs now.


We spend a small fortune each winter on heating which simply escapes through draughty windows and doors. And heating is behind about a third of UK greenhouse gas emissions. So this weekend try these five easy, no-cost tricks to make the most of your home heating. And when you’ve tried those, here’s another five.


Wind power is clean, cheap, and popular. But right now it’s banned. Sign the petition asking Sajid Javid, local government secretary, to unblock onshore wind in England.


If your commute is doable by bike, why not give it a whirl? Cyclescheme have some great tips to beat the commuter blues.

If you’re thinking of flying, the best thing you can do is not to fly. Although this isn’t always an option, flying remains one of the more harmful things you can do to the planet. Try the train - Loco2 have a great guide to nabbing cheap train tickets in the UK and Europe.  


Just sticking to health guidelines on meat consumption could cut our food-related emissions by about a third. Going vegetarian would cut it way further - over 60%. You don’t have to take an all or nothing approach either - try cooking veggie a few days a week and see what recipes you pick up along the way!


One of the biggest problems when it comes to action on climate change is simply that we don't talk about it enough. This makes it harder to know what the problems and solutions really are. So skill up on the basics, read climate news and talk about it with your friends. You don’t have to be a bunch of scientists – climate change is also about how we feel about it and what solutions we think are best. A super easy way to start is sharing the petition you (hopefully) just signed!


Stuff we consume is responsible for up to 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions and between 50% and 80% of total land, material, and water use. So next time you find something that’s broken, don’t chuck it away, learn how to fix it. Or why not get a group of friends together and try giving up plastics for a month.

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This inspiring blog was written by our climate activist pals over at 10:10 Climate Action.