These Were the Top 10 Ben & Jerry's Flavours in 2017

10th January, 2017

Want to know if you're one to follow the crowd or dance to the beat of your own drummer? Check out where your favourite flavour falls on 2017's top 10 list. These are the flavours that our fans went wild for last year. Tub after tub, these are our tried and true crowd pleasers:

  • 10. Straight to the Topped

    Topped is still a "newb" when it comes to Ben & Jerry's flavours, but Salted Caramel Brownie Topped has quickly moved its way into our fans' hearts (and spoons). 

  • 9. Half Baked

    It is the clever name that makes Half Baked so loveable? The gooey cookie dough chunks? Whatever it is, it sure is working.

  • 8. Blondie Brownie Core

    Clearly our fans sat on the fence a little in 2015, with this split-down-the-middle classic coming in at number 6.

  • 7. Peanut Butter Cup

    There aren't a lot of things we know for sure in this world, but one of them is that there is no wrong way to combine chocolate with peanut butter. We've tried. It's always delicious.

  • 6. S'Wich Up

    In 2016, we turned the cookie-o-meter right up, cramming chocolatey cookie sandwiches, cookie dough chunks, a cookie swirl AND creamy vanilla ice cream into one euphoric tub. We haven't looked back since!

  • 5. Caramel Chew Chew

    Caramel's a staple in the Ben & Jerry's cupboard, so we weren't surprised when our fans chew chew choosed this super sweet concoction.

  • 4. Karamel Sutra

    What did we tell you? Another caramel creation, this flavour's a sure winner for the core lovers out there.

  • 3. Phish Food

    At a pretty impressive number three, Phish Food has a place in the hearts and freezers of many, many a devoted Ben & Jerry's fan. Whether you play it as a solo or duet, it's always a show stopper.

  • 2. Chocolate Fudge Brownie

    Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. What's not to love? We can't say we're surprised that this favourite has hovered in our top 5 for quite some time.

  • 1. Cookie Dough

    What can we say, some flavours are just born to be winners. This doughy classic was anonymously suggested by a fan in 1984 - all we can say is, thank you, sweet ice cream lover.

Did you favourite flavour make it to the top 10? Let us know by tweeting us @benandjerrysUK !