Six tips for a green summer

June 28, 2018


1. Ditch the car

Summer is the perfect time to start cycling. The weather is warmer and (hopefully) drier too! Try swapping one regular car journey for a bike or walk.

2. Reuse that water bottle

Staying hydrated gets a big tick in summer, obvs. So, instead of buying loads of plastic bottles (and then chucking them away), invest in a decent water bottle - and use it!

3. Host a veggie BBQ

Think BBQs are all about the undercooked-and-burned burgers? Think again. Branch out with a plant-based menu. Think halloumi kebabs, smokey courgettes, sweetcorn. You could try making your own veggie burgers.

4. Get a summer wardrobe that lasts

Buying a new summer wardrobe creates loads of waste and carbon emissions too. So buy stuff that’ll last for a few years, get browsing at charity shops and try repairing old clothes to give them a new lease of life.

5. Speak up about climate change

Join the national conversation about how climate change is affecting the things we love. 30 June - 8 July is Speak Up Week where individuals across the country will be talking to their MPs about climate change. See if there’s an event happening near you.

6. Try a staycation

One of the biggest impacts you can have on the planet is flying. But there are plenty of beautiful spots you can get to by train. Hop on a train for a city break in Edinburgh or Amsterdam, a walking holiday in the Lake District or the Pyrenees or a beach holiday in Devon or Montpellier.

This blog post was written by our climate activist pals over at 10:10.