Get the Scoop on Baked Alaska's Resurrection!


A cup of Baked Alaska being held in the graveyard

It’s an ice cream miracle: Fan favourite Baked Alaska has risen from the Flavour Graveyard! Ice cream flavours, like everything else, have a beginning and an end. While some of our flavours have proven to live long and happy lives, others were cut down before their time. Since ice cream lovers said goodbye to Baked Alaska (a vanilla ice cream with marshmallow swirl and white polar bear chunks) we have been inundated with requests from fans to bring the flavour back. Now, four years later, Baked Alaska will return exclusively to Ben & Jerry’s nationwide Scoop Shops so fans can enjoy being reunited with their favourite flavour scooped in a crunchy waffle cone or swirly sundae! 

However, the good news doesn't stop there - the flavour will also be back in tubs too, rolling out to supermarket freezers later this year! Want to be the first to know when this rein-cone-ated flavour will reach a store near you?

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