Welcome Not Walls

June 4, 2019

We need a society where everyone feels welcome. And, right now, there are too many people being shut out from our communities. Which got us thinking, it doesn’t need to be this way…

So, along with some friends at national and local refugee organisations as part of Refugee Week, we are building a wall, with a bit of a difference - to welcome, not divide.

Cone Together

We’ll be asking our fans to cone together and decorate our wall with messages of solidarity and welcome for people who are seeking safety. Plus, our wall will be complete with a celebration of refugee-led music, arts, spoken word set to bring people together through what unites and not divides us. And of course, we’ll be bringing a scoop or two of our chunky and swirly Fairtrade ice cream. It’s time to raise a paintbrush (and a spoon)!

The wall of welcome will be premiering in London on 5th June, just in time for renowned wall aficionado the President Trump’s UK visit, before heading to Manchester on 21-22nd June for Refugee Week. 

People seeking asylum are our co-workers, neighbours and friends but every day people are being shut out, unable to participate fully in society. There’s never been a more important time to stand against regressive policies which seek to divide us. Because what’s sweeter than people coming together, to say “we’re all equal, and we’re all welcome here”.

Find out how you can join us at the wall  in London here or Manchester here, tweet your welcome using #welcomenotwalls on Twitter, or join the movement below.