Our five fave signs from this year's climate protests (so far!)

Image of hands reaching for a hat, earphones, grad hat in the air

This year climate change has really been getting people hot under the collar - and not just literally. So far 2019 has seen tens of millions of people around the world, frustrated and scared about their governments’ inadequate response to the climate crisis, making the choice to take to the streets. 

Obviously lots of people have been shouting about climate change for yonks - but the trouble is, they’ve been shouting the science, and that’s enough to make anyone switch off. Young people, on the other hand, are often pretty good at saying it how it is - and by golly, don’t these signs do the trick: 

  1. 1. ‘I want a hot date not a hot planet’

    These young women in Berlin made a quite terrifying reality into a funny placard. Romance and sexuality are top concerns for teens - throwing climate fear into the mix should (hopefully) remind the adults that see it that for these young people climate change is not something that can be ignored or put off - it is their future, and because of that, it is a real and daily concern. 


  2. ‘Thanks Gove*, My planet’s too hot and my school’s too cold’ - London.

    The UK has some of the draftiest buildings in Europe. This means that loads of (fossil fuelled) heating (and money) is wasted on keeping people warm. So this placard even points to a solution (investing in energy efficiency). Smart.

    *The sign refers to the UK’s former Education Secretary, Michael Gove, and his controversial decision to slash budgets for state schools back in 2014, and the role he took on after as the Environment Secretary. Deep. 

  3. ‘Listen to the cries of the world. Have compassion, stop climate change’ - Denmark.

    So many placards are full of defiance. Some are all about humour. Most are a combination of the two. But you don’t often see sad protest signs. The fact that this one stands out makes it even more powerful. 


  4. ‘The climate is changing, why aren’t we?’ - Australia

    Lots of people are held back by a fear of change. But right now what’s most scary is the lack of change. It’s no secret that we need to seriously shake up the status quo if we’re going to avoid the worst that climate change could bring. So let’s bring on some disruption. 


  5. ‘As the oceans rise so will we’ - London

    Simple, smart, and perfectly threatening.